photos by José Caldeira and Alípio Padilha

‘Propriedade Privada was constructed of thick material from a mixture of cement, desire, past dreams, lies, lime, wicked games, pain, a hidden chamber, water, passing time, blood and imminent danger.’
Olga Roriz

Direction and costumes | Olga Roriz
Dancers | Beatriz Valentim, Carla Ribeiro, Marta Lobato Faria, Sylvia Rijmer, André de Campos, Bruno Alexandre and Bruno Alves
Musical edition | Ludger Lamers
Music | Harold Budd, Gustav Mahler, Towering of Inferno, Jean Françaix, Jacques Brel, Monty Python, Pascal Comedale
Scenery | João Mendes Ribeiro
Light design | Clemente Cuba
Dramaturgical collaboration (at the time of creation) | João Carneiro