O PESO DE UMA SEMENTE | Marina Nabais | 2013

photos by José Frade

The Weight of a Seed is a solo dance, under the theme of a new measure of effort, with a prologue interpreted by a group of non-professional teenagers, composed by a sonographic stage space.
Near the earth, the body moves gently.
The weight of a seed contains within itself the potential, the origin and the reproduction of life. It is the beginning of the whole movement.
With the right effort, this weight falls on the land and transforms into life and form, over time.
Artistic direction, choreography and interpretation | Marina Nabais
Prologue Interpretation | 6 teenagers of local community of Guimarães and Lisbon
Sound space | Simão Costa
Stage designer | Marta Carreiras
Costumes | Marta Carreiras and students of CENATEX (Guimarães)
Light designer | Cláudia Rodrigues
Dramaturgy | Manuela Pedroso
Co-production | Guimarães Capital of Culture 2012, Vila Flor Cultural Center, Maria Matos Theater, C.M. Almada
Support | Cia. Clara Andermatt