NEVE – Paisagens, Máquinas e Animais | Né Barros | 2022
photos by João Duarte

The choreographer Né Barros continues researching around the landscape and the body as landscape in Neve, a multidisciplinary fiction where affections expand to landscapes and places. Included in the series Paisagens, Máquinas e Animais initiated in 2019 with IO, this piece interweaves music, cinema and architecture, exploring, as in a poem, memory, transformation and the cyclical passage from one state to another. Neve is a place, a layer, where the circulation between the three dimensions - Landscape, Machines and Animals - draw vanishing points that densify the human and open possibilities to understand the dancing body. It is this "body-in-gesture" that Né Barros continues to question, persevering in the survival of the gesture and in the conquest of a space of narration: "What will happen to that body there, alone, in that empty space?"
Choreography and direction | Né Barros
Music | Carlos Guedes
Set design | Fahr 021.3
Movie | Filipe Martins
Director of photography | Miguel Sevivas
Flautist | Cristina Ioan/ Clara Saleiro
Lighting design | José Álvaro Correia
Costumes | Flávio Rodrigues
Executive production | Lucinda Gomes
Performed by | Afonso Cunha, Beatriz Valentim, Bruno Senune, Luís Guerra (movie)
Co-produced by | Balleteatro, Teatro Nacional São João
Residency support | Arquipélago – Centro De Artes Contemporâneas, New York University Abu Dhabi
Support | Câmara Municipal Do Porto Within The Context Of The Shuttle Programme