IO – Paisagens, Máquinas e Animais | Né Barros | 2019
photos by Pedro Figueiredo

The bodies of resistance and passion, of freedom and death. The bodies in IO are machines, landscapes and animals of war and peace. Paisagens, Máquinas e Animais [Landscapes, Machines and Animals] is also the title of a series of future projects. IO is one of the four large moons of Jupiter. In spite of being located in an icy region, it is the place with the most volcanic activity in the Solar System. The record and the choreographic piece drew inspiration from this extreme environment. Manipulating and deconstructing the baritone saxophone’s rich and hypnotic timbre, this is a one-breath, patient, multi-layered piece that is openly influenced by the sci-fi universe and strongly marked by the introspective tones characteristic of BlacKoyote. The adapted presentation at Teatro Rivoli in the scope of its anniversary celebrations maintains this kind of tension and contrasts, but at the same time opens itself to new rewritings of the piece that capitalise on the place where it will be presented.
Direction and choreography | Né Barros
Music | José Alberto Gomes
Assistant | Flávio Rodrigues
Performance | Beatriz Valentim, Bruno Senune
Saxophonist | Henrique Portovedo
Lighting design | José Álvaro Correia
Costumes and set design | Flávio Rodrigues
Executive producer | Lucinda Gomes
Artistic residency support | Arquipélago – Centro de Artes Contemporâneas
Production | Balleteatro
Support | Coliseu do Porto Ageas