GUST 9723 | Francisco Camacho | 2023
José Caldeira/TMP

In 1997, Gust presented itself as “a work without a theme in advance, but with a predetermined title preceding it”. 26 years later, Gust9723 is a work with/about/based on that work without a theme in advance, but with a pre- given title, as well as gestures, set, atmosphere, scenes, sounds and temporality, all of which, however, do not necessarily predetermine the piece today, but rather show paths that may or may not be trodden. Today, working with the “work without a theme in advance” from 1997 is making this Gust originate not from (its) the past, but from the renewed desire to offer it a (different) future. — André Lepecki
Artistic director and choreography | Francisco Camacho
Dramaturgy | André Lepecki
Music | Sérgio Pelágio
Set design | Rafael Alvarez
Artistic director assistant | Pietro Romani
Lighting design and technical director | Frank Laubenheimer
Cast | Beatriz Marques Dias, Beatriz Valentim, Begoña Méndez, Bruno Senune, Carlota Lagido, Filipa Francisco, Francisco Rolo, Hugo Marmelada, João Oliveira, Magnum Soares, Mariana Tengner Barros, Marta Coutinho, Miguel Pereira, Rolando San Martín, Sofia Kafol
Production director | Lucinda Gomes
Executive producer and financial manager | Teresa de Brito
Executive producer | Tiago Sgarbi
Intern | Andreia Marinho
Produced by | Eira
Co-produced by | Teatro Municipal do Porto, CCB – Belém Cultural Centre
Special acknowledgments | António Câmara Manuel, Cristina Piedade, David Miguel, Felix Santana, Isabel Peres, João Galante, João Samões, Nines Gómez, Paula Pereira e Ronald Burchi, who collaborated on the original creation in 1997, and the co-producers Acarte/ Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian and O Acto.

This re-enactment is dedicated to the memory of Paula Castro (1968-2007), who was part of Gust's original cast.

Presentation dates
15th and 16th September | Teatro Municipal do Porto – Rivoli, Porto, PT
23rd September | CCB - Centro Cultural de Belém, Lisboa, PT