CONCERTO Nº 1 PARA LAURA | Sílvia Real | 2022
photos by Estelle Valente

“Not everything we face can be changed. But nothing can be changed until it is faced.”
James Baldwin

The stage as a place of unification, combat and utopia. And, before anything else, the sound. Always the music as the engine: to act, react, resist, re-exist. To stay in the present and rehearse the craving for a new world and new ways on interacting. To accommodate the bothersome, to embrace the risk of failure. To sing, to dance, to dare communicating in a way which best suits a collective change intention. To refuse the discrimination and social injustice which persist and grow even larger driven by one more crisis. To rebuild, restore, re-humanize.
In a nocturnal time of (im)possibilities, Sílvia Real decided to take a dive into her memory of 3 decades in artistic repertoire, in a universe saturated of eclectic musical references, marking female characters and figurine ghosts. An intimate dive from which words and songs with a renovated glow have emerged and, having once been familiar, are now appropriated by a (de)constructing band, delivering a voice to the movement that matters the most: empathy, cooperation, an idea of revolution.
Concerto nº. 1 para Laura is a call to reality and an appeal for action, to which Silvia Real summoned her old accomplices, the choreographer Francisco Camacho, the musician Sofia Sequeira, the researcher Simone Longo de Andrade, and the dancers and co-creators Beatriz Valentim and Magnum Soares.
Artistic direction and choreography | Sílvia Real
Dramaturgy support and choreography | Francisco Camacho
Performers | Beatriz Valentim, Magnum Soares, Sílvia Real and Ana Sofia Sequeira (special guest)
Musical direction | Ana Sofia Sequeira
Musical assistant | Sérgio Pelágio
Human rights research | Simone Longo de Andrade
Costume support (from the collection of costumes by Ana Teresa Real | Ainhoa Vidal
Light design | Tasso Adamopoulos
Light operation | Paulo Cunha
Sound design | Sérgio Milhano (PontoZurca)
Live sound operation | Pedro Baptista and Sérgio Milhano (PontoZurca)
Production direction | Sofia Afonso
Executive production | Isabel Machado
Communication | Susana Ribeiro Martins
Press office | ShowBuzz
Co-production | Produções Real Pelágio, Câmara Municipal de Castelo Branco, Câmara Municipal de Torres Vedras and São Luiz Teatro Municipal