photo by Patrick Esteves

An exemplary citizen is a polite, hygienic person, without black spots, averse to conflicts and a happy respecter of rules. An exemplary citizen does not have time because he has a full, fulfilled life, with no holes in his existence. More and more full, more filled, more without holes to exist. He has no room to doubt because he has no time to question. He is affirmative, defined, very well resolved. An exemplary citizen cannot stop. Because to stop is to die and that cannot be. But he doesn't know how to dance. He has a parched body, a dazed brain. He lacks ginga in his hips and hunger in his belly. An exemplary citizen does not know how to dance. And maybe it can kill him.

Taking inspiration from one of Herman Melville's most famous stories, Bartleby, this show puts the concept of work, as we know it today, into the arena of combat. Rhythm is celebrated as a pulsating force that forms humanity, in a machine-world devoid of an animal-body.

In this show, staged and artistically directed by Joana Magalhães, the story of this disturbance is told, making the speech in the actors' bodies sweat, to the frenetic rhythm of a drum set.
Direction and Artistic Direction | Joana Magalhães
Dramaturgy | Joana Magalhães, with excerpts from texts by Gonçalo M. Tavares, Ricardo Neves-Neves, Rui Pina Coelho and Bob Black.
Interpretation | Rui Mendonça, Luís Filipe Silva, Beatriz Valentim, Catarina Luís, Dinis Duarte
Musical Composition | André Nunes and Francisco Beirão
Musicians | André Nunes and Francisco Beirão
Movement | Ana Isabel Castro and Maria Antunes
Scenography | Cristóvão Neto
Costumes | Paula Cabral
Light and sound design | Vasco Ferreira
Scenography execution | Bárbara Amen, Leonor Gomes, Maria Inês Campos
Costume design | Beatriz Prada and Maria Costa
Produced by | Comédias do Minho