A LAURA QUER! | Sílvia Real & Grupo 23: silêncio! | 2019
photos by Sofia Costa

It begins with the definition of a gesture: a stretching out of the hand to those living in that awkward place, adolescence. And it does so on equal terms without lessons or directives, by walking together, questioning roles and stereotypes, acknowledging the pointlessness of everything. This new creation by Grupo 23: silence! is a work that faces the future and is meant for every kind of audience.
Artistic direction | Sílvia Real / Grupo 23: silêncio!
Choreography | Francisco Camacho, Sílvia Real
Co-creation and interpretation | Afonso Ramires, Beatriz Valentim, Gaspar Menezes, Inês Trindade, Jade Mandillo, Luis Odriozola, Lua Areal, Magnum Soares, Miguel Ferreira, Sílvia Real, Vasco Sequeira and Violeta Guerreiro
Co-creation and investigation | Simone Andrade  
Musical composition and live interpretation | Afonso Minderico, André Ferreira, Jade Mandillo, Sofia Pelágio and Vasco Sequeira
Musical direction | Ana Sofia Sequeira
Soundtrack | Indigo (Indigo), by Bernardo Sassetti, Elétrica Cadente (Vol.1), by Dead Combo, Édification en forme by Ogives (Harmories), by Joana Gama, Luís Fernandes and Ricardo Jacinto, Desconhecido (Rush), by Quinteto Mário Franco, Calma (All the Dreams), by Sara Serpa and André Matos
Costumes | Carlota Lagido
Techical direction and light design | Frank Laubenheimer  
Musical direction assistants | Jasmim Mandillo and Vasco Sequeira
LGP colaboration | Alexandra Marques Fernandes
Executive production | Sofia Afonso
Comunication | Susana Ribeiro Martins
Prodution | Produções Real Pelágio
Co-production | TNDM II, Câmara Municipal de Castelo Branco, Festival Verão Azul, Festival Músicas do Mundo de Sines