Vanishing | 2024

João Peixoto/TMP

VANISHING is an encounter, a play in two moments, with two performers, two speeches, where each of us composes a choreographic score for the other, repeating patterns, recurrences, organisms. Based on reflections on the ephemerality of dance and the performative act — "dance always vanishes in front of our eyes in order to create a new past" (André Lepecki) — we researched the gesture, presence vs absence, appearance vs disappearance, contemplating the various losses of what was/is no longer.
We delve into the daily life of the body and its particular gestures, in the contaminating observation of the other, in the negative spaces in prose, confusing subject and object, mixing action and reaction. We use the “look” as an iconography of observation, research, search, in an ambivalent dialogue of connection, dominance, rejection. Cycles of time — day metamorphosing into night — as a reference for representation/failure, capture of form, impossibility of it, repetition, transformation, overabundance of movement. Choreographing the invisible, destroying the cycles: now you see me, now you don't, you disappear inside me, I disappear inside you - you who are seeing me. We find in-between spaces: un-looking, un-formatting, projecting desires, nightmares, dust. Presence in transit, in transition, in a constant demand for places of belonging and memory. — Telma João Santos, Beatriz Valentim & Bruno Senune

It must be nice to disappear,
To have a vanishing act,
To always be looking forward,
And never looking back
 Lou Reed
Choreography and Interpretation | Beatriz Valentim and Bruno Senune
Original Music Composition and Live Interpretation | Pedro Souza
Texts and Documentation | Telma João Santos
Costumes | Ana Isabel Castro
Light Design | Mariana Figueira
Video | Daniel Pinheiro
Residences | Teatro Campo Alegre, A Gráfica – Center for Artistic Creation of Setúbal, Companhia Olga Roriz
Co-production | Instável Choreographic Center, A Gráfica Center for Artistic Creation – Setúbal
Creation Support | GDA Foundation
Duration | 40min

presentation dates
5 and 6 April 2024 | Palcos Instáveis - Teatro do Campo Alegre, Porto, PT
4 July 2024 | MAPS Festival - A Gráfica Center for Artistic Creation, Setúbal, PT