Vanishing | 2024

Two dancers. Two choreographers. Two moments. Two instants. One song. One light design. From the meeting, we danced a solo choreographed by the other. A piece in two moments, where the music repeats itself, where we build a structure that focuses on the poetics of “night” and “day” as the guiding materials of both solos, reflecting on the concept of time, catalyst of life, and its constant movement. We immerse ourselves in the everyday life of the body and its particular gestures, in the observation of the other, in the repetition of patterns, recurrences, in the destruction of cycles that self-destruct through emptying and fading, regenerating in awakenings; the body as an expression of change.

It must be nice to disappear, To have a vanishing act, To always be looking forward, And never looking back.
Lou Reed
Choreography and Interpretation | Beatriz Valentim and Bruno Senune
Original Music Composition and Live Interpretation | Pedro Souza
Texts and Documentation | Telma João Santos
Costumes | Ana Isabel Castro
Light Design | Mariana Figueira
Video registration | Daniel Pinheiro
Residences | Teatro Campo Alegre, A Gráfica – Center for Artistic Creation of Setúbal, Companhia Olga Roriz
Co-production | Instável Choreographic Center, A Gráfica Center for Artistic Creation – Setúbal
Creation Support | GDA Foundation
Duration | 40min

presentation dates
To be defined | Palcos Instáveis - Teatro do Campo Alegre, Porto, PT
July 2024 | MAPS Festival - A Gráfica Center for Artistic Creation, Setúbal, PT