Self | 2021

photos by Ana Brígida and Christophe Berlet

Initially a solo, Self soon became a duet, for having at its base concepts such as reflexivity and duality. Starting from the sociological concept of 'self', I proposed to think what questions we ask ourselves and what questions we ask others; what dependency relations we have from a social point of view; what spaces and contexts we inhabit. The reflexive analysis of the self implies the other and vice versa. The body-contour that you will encounter in this work appears, to me, as a body empty of meaning, ready to receive internal and external stimuli, which will be constantly analysed and experienced by the performers, in a journey of duality and dualism.
Idea and concept | Beatriz Valentim
Performance and musical selection | Beatriz Valentim, Mercedes Quijada
Music editing | Pedro Souza
Costumes | Andy James, Beatriz Valentim
Acknowledgements | Centre National de la Danse, Dimitri Chamblas, Francisco
Camacho, Real Pelágio / Teatro da Voz
Co-produced by | Festival Interferências / Companhia Olga Roriz, Corpo + Cidade / DDD - Festival Dias da Dança

Presentation Dates
30 April 2022 | Corpo + Cidade / DDD Out, Matosinhos
4 and 5 September 2021 | Festival Interferências / Olga Roriz Company, Lisbon