NINA | 2019

photos by José Caldeira

NINA is about a woman's eccentricity. It is a reflection about the plastic bodies and the positions they can assume. Politically, artistically and philosophically. For me, as a dancer, it is also the richness of a highly studied artistic complexity, both in her lyrics and compositions, in her voice. Nina Hagen is a lyric singer, an actress and has also done ballet.
My dance is built on images, iconic concerts, unforgettable videoclips - bee heads, outstretched fingers, bent kisses and tongues sticking out.
Conception and interpretation | Beatriz Valentim
Music | Anonymous Gregorian Chant, Nina Hagen
Sound Operation | Pedro Souza
Costume | Beatriz Valentim, Elisabete Torrão
Acknowledgements | Cláudia Marisa, Pedro Souza, Sónia Passos

Presentation dates
26 and 27 September 2020 | Curtas de Dança Armazém 22, Vila Nova de Gaia
2 June 2019 | Serralves em Festa, Porto
1 June 2019 | Teatro Helena Sá e Costa, Porto