A Dança | 2020 - for Balleteatro Profissional School

photos by Pedro Figueiredo

Part of an illustration book by João Fazenda. In the absence of text, our imagination can go further, dancing with Mister Square and Mistress Red Dress. In a co-creation with 3rd year dance students, we intend to explore the concepts of dance, social dance, practice and childhood, remembering and redefining memories, returning to that place that is so special to us. Between songs, pairs, jumps and achievements, we are sure of one thing: we want to dance non-stop!

Concept | Beatriz Valentim and Pedro Souza from “Dança” by João Fazenda
Choreography and costumes | Beatriz Valentim
Original music | Pedro Souza
Interpretation and co-creation | Balleteatro 3rd year dance students of the academic year 2020/2021